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Social Ordering

Turn your social profiles into your very own storefront.
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Why Do You Need Social Ordering?
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Social Ordering is an essential for any retail business. This is a great supplement to your online store for expanding reach while providing an easy shopping experience for your customers. You can choose to put your regular stock of products on your social media platform. Alternatively, you can promote limited time offers and deals conveniently through social media. With Restaurant Marketing Services, social ordering is easy to implement and easier to profit from!

Social Ordering Features

Online Payment Gateway

Transform your social media platforms into an easy to use checkout interface. Convert your followers into paying online customers. The larger your social following, the more sales you can make!


Once social ordering is set up on your accounts, you are free to take advantage of it anyway you see fit. You can use it as another source for clients to access your range of products. Additionally, you can choose to only include limited items with custom pricing exclusively for your social media followers!


Secure Checkout

Social Ordering transactions are secure for both the buyers and sellers. Personal information is protected from possible theft. All transactions take place on SSL pages that protect all users.


Organized Order History

Exchanges are easy to track and archive. This helps keep everything organized while also helping you compile a list of users who buy via social ordering. Also, this is useful when figuring out what demographic of people are buying your products.

Simple Setup

The setup process is easy to do and takes minimal effort. All you really need is a social media account, a social following, and products to sell. Furthermore, maintenance after the initial setup is just as simple

Paperless Process

Because orders take place online, this is an entirely paperless process. This saves business owners the hassle of buying receipt paper plus other expenses. You get all the pros of a regular purchase with an eco-friendly bonus.


Do I need an online store?
Nope! Products set up through social ordering are independent from an online store. This enables us to set up custom prices separate from your main store. Also, we can set up a complete store by itself without a second website.
What platforms can I use social ordering for?

Social Ordering is available for any platform that you have! Most clients choose to use Facebook as that is where they have the largest following. However, it can be used with any other platform that your business has an account for.

Why do I need social ordering if I already have an online store?
Social Ordering is a great supplement if you already have an online store. It adds an element of convenience for you, the business owner, and interested customers. Instead of having to redirect clients through linked posts, you can simply bring the products to them via social media.
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