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Reputation Monitoring

Understand what clients are saying about you online - good or bad.
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Why Do You Need Reputation Monitoring?
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Online reviews and testimonials play a huge role when buyers are deciding on a new product or service. Thus, having a poor rating on sites such as Yelp can prove dangerous for any business. On the other hand, having a great reputation on these sites can be very profitable. So, it is best to acknowledge both good and bad reviews and understand how to properly react to them. For instance, good reviews deserve a thank you while bad ones deserve an apology and invitation for conversation. Every star counts!

Reputation Monitoring Features

Review Notifications

Be the first one to know when somebody writes a review about you online. We can link any and all review sites in our software to notify you every single time. This enables a quick reaction time when handling your reputation monitoring. Also, it lets reviewers know you care about what they have to say.

Damage Control

Of course, not every review will be a good one. Customers may leave poor reviews about your company in the event that they are unhappy with your product or service. In the event that you are left a subpar review, we will equip you with the tools and mindset to make the most of out it. We can help you turn a bad review into a potential profit.

Social Media Monitoring

Sites like Yelp are not the only place where customers leave reviews. Often times, your Facebook page makes for a great collection of reviews to pay attention to. This includes both full reviews with star ratings and even comments on a post. Thus, Restaurant Marketing Services provides you with a complete reputation monitoring service for social media and other review sites.


Why should I care about bad reviews?
One bad review is more likely to stand out than all of the other good reviews on a company. Also, outside of internet trolling cases, customers do not write a bad review without a good reason. Whether it was due to miscommunication, poor employee performance, or anything else, it is best to clarify your apologies as soon as possible. While this may not convince the reviewer to use your service again, it may convince potential buyers from trying to do business with you in the near future.
Is it possible to take down bad reviews?
Once a review is online, it stays there forever. So sadly, if a bad review makes its way to the front page of yelp or google, it is there until other reviews push it further down the timeline. However, that is all the more reason to acknowledge bad reviews to help mitigate the damage as much as possible.
Wouldn’t it be better to stay offline to avoid reviews altogether?
The short answer is no, it wouldn’t. To elaborate, having a presence online is so important now more than ever. The benefits of having an online review platform for your company far outweigh the potential risks. Also, there is no hiding from bad reviews. If you are doing something wrong in terms of your business plan or customer service, clients will voice their opinions one way or another. They can do so on review platforms like Yelp, or by communicating online via social media. Instead, use online reviews as a learning method to improve your business.
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