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Why Do You Need Facebook Ads?
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Facebook Ads are an inexpensive way to run special promotions for your company. By running ads through Facebook, your promotions are guaranteed to find their way onto your target audience’s timeline. Facebook’s algorithm handles this process using cookies. With this process, you won’t have to spend excess money marketing to the general public. Instead, ads will only run for those who are actually interested in your products – whether they know that they exist or not. Of course, Restaurant Marketing Services is willing to design and run Facebook ads for you.

Facebook Ad Features

Custom Design

Our design team at Restaurant Marketing Services is more than happy to design eye catching Facebook ads for you. With a custom design, your ads will get that much more attention and help to solidify your brand.

Target Audience

Facebook runs ad campaigns according to their algorithm. In other words, your ads will only run for people who have shown interest in your products and services. This is great for finding new customers who might not have known about your business before.

Cross Platform

Once we set up the ad on Facebook, you are free to promote it on different platforms as well. This feature is perfect for businesses who are active across multiple social media. This includes platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Cost Effective

Facebook ad campaigns have a number of different pricing options which are all low cost. One choice is to make your ads pay per click. This means you only need to pay if somebody clicks on your ad. Also, you have the option of paying daily for your ads. This means you would pay a flat daily rate to run your ad for however long you think is necessary.


What kind of businesses work well for Facebook Ads?
Facebook ads are great if you are a smaller business looking to establish a wide-spread following. Also, the strategic exposure is perfect for finding customers in your target audience. Furthermore, you save time and money by filtering out uninterested users.
Can I submit my own design for Facebook Ads?
Yes, if you are happy with your own design, you are free to submit one for your ad campaign. However, custom designs done by MGEMS Marketing comes with no additional charge. In other words, there is no reason for you to put in the extra work when we can handle it for you for free.
What kind of ads work best with Facebook Ad campaigns?
What we have seen work the best are seasonal specials and offers. For example, running special new years discounts as an ad during the holiday season has seen great results for the companies we’ve worked with.
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