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Reward your followers while also expanding your sales and email lists.
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Why Do You Need Deals and Sweepstakes?
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Free rewards are the easiest way to lure new customers into your business’ front doors. Deals are a great, low-risk way for new customers to try out your service for the first time. It’s great for establishing a relationship with clients so you can continue business with them in the future. In addition, sweepstakes are a great way to increase your social media engagement. Sweepstakes are also perfect for lead generation. They expand your email list full of clients who have already shown interest in your product or service, opening the door for future sales and business.

Social Deal Features

Custom Design

Receive a custom design courtesy of our graphics team at Restaurant Marketing Services. We will build you a branded coupon so that new and returning customers will recognize that it’s from you at first glance.

Campaign Ads

Creating a coupon is pointless unless you have traffic going to it. So, we will put forth a fixed budget toward marketing your ad on Facebook.

Email Collection

Fill out your email lists to generate leads and future customers. Every lead you get today is a potential sale tomorrow.

Mobile Marketing

Receive a custom design courtesy of our graphics team at MGEMS Marketing. We will build you a branded coupon so that new and returning customers will recognize that it’s from you at first glance.

Social Sweepstakes Features

Monthly Sweepstakes

Run consistent sweepstakes on your social media page to get followers frequently engaged. Having monthly sweepstakes optimizes activity and helps to expand your social media reach.

Email Campaign

We help you run an email campaign to generate traffic towards your monthly sweepstakes. All the while, we gather email leads for you to further expand your mailing list.

One on One Consultation

Plan out your monthly sweepstakes with one of our social media experts on the Restaurant Marketing Services team. He or she will provide you proper guidance on your next sweepstake. You can discuss awards, marketing strategies, and plans for future giveaways.


Monthly Report

By studying what went well and what didn’t during past giveaways, you can establish an improved plan for the future. Improve your sweepstakes engagement month after month to make the most out of your social media.

Don't I lose money by offering deals and free rewards?

Not in the slightest. Yes, deals and sweepstakes do involve giving away a free or discounted product for a limited time. However, what you are actually doing is setting up a strong foundation for future clients and future sales. So in the long term, deals and sweepstakes actually prove to be very profitable.

How will coupons be redeemed by customers?

This comes down to what equipment you have available at your business. Through us, we give you two options for how customers can redeem your coupons. First, clients can redeem coupons online via your company site or a mobile app. Otherwise, clients can redeem via printable coupon.

Why does design matter for deals and sweepstakes?

The importance of design comes down to two main reasons. One, having an attractive design makes viewers more likely to participate in a deal or sweepstake. The use of high quality images and photographs are much more appealing than a paragraph of text. Second, custom design allows you to brand your sweepstakes. We want anything to do with your company to be easily recognizable. Part of that comes from having a well-designed, branded look for your deals and sweepstakes.

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