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Content Curation

Solidify your business using consistent branding across social media.
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Why Do You Need Content Curation?
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Offline, companies would have business cards or mailers that match their company’s brand. Also, the same can be said about having a matching website. Why should social media content be any different? With curated content, your company will become more recognizable to your loyal followers and your soon to be followers. Furthermore, branding your social media content gives you a more established look, which is sure to impress your soon to be customers.

Content Curation Features

Social Media Banners

Content curation on social media starts on your profile. This means that Restaurant  Marketing services will design your banners and even your profile avatars for you upon request. Furthermore, we will ensure that your branding is consistent across all your social media platforms to give your business a more complete look

Custom Posts

Curated posts meant to target your audience are proven to boost follower engagement. We take note of having consistent content graphically speaking. Furthermore, we observe the voice of your posts and how to adequately speak to your target audience.

Seasonal Content

As special holidays roll around, it is important to greet your followers accordingly. That is why we map out national holidays and important dates relevant to your target market. In doing so, your business can stay relevant with your followers, which also increases social engagement.

How much do your graphic design services cost?
It is difficult for us to guarantee a solid price as it depends on what kind of graphic design work you need, as well as the quantity of it. What we can guarantee however is that our prices are flexible and affordable to get you the graphics you need.
Can’t I just create my own designs myself?
Yes, you are more than welcome to do so if you feel you are qualified. However, we have over 25 years of marketing experience with a large majority of that spent improving our graphic design work. Plus, the money you spend on our undivided service and expert skill set will be returned to you through all your new customers!
How does the graphic design process work?
The first step is to sit down with us and discuss what type of graphics you are looking for. This is also when you would send us any logos or previous branded items you have. After that, we design the things you asked for and get your approval. Simple as that! You are welcome to notify us of any changes you may need along the way as well.
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