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Restaurant Menu Online Ordering App

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A way to expand your business into the digital realm with an easy-to-use, on-demand Restaurant Ordering App with optimized website template that can be accessed from a smartphone or website via any device of choice!

Restaurant Ordering App Marketing Services Online
Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants


Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants

  • Use Facebook smart links to hook more customers.
  • Sell your foods online with our website ordering system for restaurants.
  • Receive infinite orders from a smartphone or tablet device of your choice!
Install the order taking app of the restaurant


Takeaway, Delivery, Order Ahead & Table Reservations in One Solution

  • Complete an online food ordering and delivery system that allows customers to order on demand through your website, Facebook page, or mobile app.
  • Online Takeaway Ordering system, you can accept orders on the fly from your website or mobile app and take in more customers.
  • Attract even more people with table reservations that allow them to order before they arrive as well as “order ahead” features for when things become busy during peak hours.
  • Provide unlimited orders through their website Facebook page or smartphone application.
Install the order taking app of the restaurant
Marketing Strategy & Sky Rocket Sales


Strategy & Sky Rocket Sales

  • A website builder that instantly creates a rockstar website optimized for both conversions and search engine ranking.
  • Adwords generator to help restaurants with their online ads, skip the learning curve get this cheat-sheet instead!

Restaurant Marketing Services Online Ordering is your key to feed more customers!

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ALL features of online ordering

Website Ordering Widget

The widget will incorporate a “View MENU & Place Order” button onto your website, initiating the process of directing orders to your business.

Mobile Ordering

Our online ordering system is mobile-friendly, allowing your customers to easily place orders from any location

Table Reservations Widget

The widget adds a “Table Reservations” button for easy advance booking on your website.

Vacation Mode

Easily pause or adjust services like delivery or pickup for holidays or any given day.

Contactless Delivery & Low-Exposure Pickup

Choose contactless orders for safety and business continuity.

Scheduled Orders

Take orders 24/7, make money while you sleep! Allow customers to schedule pickups or deliveries at their convenience

Pause Services

Pause specific or all services, with a reason displayed in the ordering widget for your food clients.

Detailed Reports

Make business decisions informed by pertinent data available on the reporting dashboard.

Irresistible First-time Promos

Convert visits into orders with a tempting first-buy discount.

Send Invitations to Order Online

Onboard clients to online ordering and boost your restaurant sales.

Analyze Your Google Listing

Optimize your Google Business listing for easy online ordering with step-by-step guidance.

Multi-Template Receipt Editor

Personalize your restaurant receipts to promote specials and boost future sales.

QR Code Menu for Dine-in Ordering

Scan our QR code menu to order as soon as you’re seated.

Facebook Ordering App

These links empower your customers to place orders directly from your Facebook business page,  active promotions displayed at the top of your menu.

Real-time Ordering

We engage your customers while you confirm orders in real-time.

Order Ahead for Reservations

When activated, this functionality enables customers to pre-order food while securing a table reservation.

Out of Stock

Mark items as out of stock until the next day, a preferred date, or indefinitely.

Pictures in Menu

Explore our free collection of mouth-watering food images or upload your own for stunning menus.

Cancel or Reject Orders

Cancel or reject orders with a tap and add a reason if needed.

FoodBooking App Community

Unlike delivery portals, connect with clients commission-free! It’s a virtual food court for instant orders.

Run a Promo or Coupon Deal

Create any promo. Time to make it happen

Use Flyers Offline

Boost website promotion and drive online orders with our instant flyer generator.

Website Rank Checker

Boost your restaurant website’s Google visibility and sales with our online health tool and optimization scanner.

Third Party Integrations

Sync your Food account with free delivery tracking, POS systems, loyalty platforms, and more.

Draw your Own Delivery Areas

Big or small, our delivery tool lets you draw and adjust your service area with ease.

End of Day Report

Get daily performance insights for your restaurant, including sales, tips, and order types, delivered to your email.


Services Available for Additional Fees

Online Credit Card Payment Service

Online / Credit Card Payment Service

Integrates your ordering system seamlessly with your chosen payment gateway, allowing you to accept online payments directly into your account. Please note that the funds bypass our system entirely.

$79/ per month

Advance Promo Marketing

Advanced Promo Marketing

Execute multiple promotions with precision. Our premium plan empowers targeted marketing goals through client segmentation and profiling.

$69/ per month

Setup Optimized Website

Sales Optimized Website

Effortlessly create a mobile-friendly website optimized for search engines in an instant. A domain is provided, or you can use an existing one. Every element is crafted to drive more online orders.

$59/ per month

Branded Mobile Apps

Branded Mobile Apps

Propose a branded restaurant app for food clients seeking native installations on smartphones or tablets, complete with app store listings featuring your logo.

$109/ per month

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