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Design & Print

Graphic Design • Menus • Posters • Mailers

The first thing we managed for El Toro Loco were their designs for print materials. We went through different phases of designs for the menus up until we came to a final design that captured the essence of the local Mexican restaurant.

To reach the local communities that may not know that a new restaurant opened up, Restaurant Marketing Services designed and managed mailers that were sent to neighborhoods – which included an exclusive 15% off. 

Over the last few months, El Toro Loco also hosted several events such as Cinco De Mayo, Easter Sunday Brunch and regular evens on Friday and Saturday nights. We designed and printed posters for these occasions that were put up around the restaurant and postcards that were handed to customers.


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Digital Marketing

Website Design • Event Lead Generation • Email • Promotions

Restaurant Marketing Services assisted building El Toro Loco from the ground up in terms of entering the digital landscape.

We created El Toro Loco’s website from scratch and included everything a customer would be looking for: digital version of the menu, events calendar, gallery, and contact. At the front, we highlighted current events and ongoing promotions.

Additionally, we incorporated several strategies that would drive traffic to the site: event lead generation, special offers, and promotions for the restaurant. 

Aside from the website, emails were sent out to remind returning customers about El Toro Loco.

Social Media

Facebook • Instagram • PPC Ads

A major part of a restaurant’s impact in the online space is having a strong social media presence. El Toro Loco decided to have a Facebook and Instagram to compliment their website and maximize opportunities to increase interest in the local Mexican restaurant and bar.

Having a properly set up Facebook and Instagram is important – it should be populated with an appropriate profile picture, cover photo, and a complete “about” section. That means making the business information visible to a regular user. The restaurant’s address, phone number, and website should be present, as well as operating hours and other important links. When the setup is done, El Toro Loco’s branding plan is carefully curated by eye-catching graphics that are to be posted on their social media accounts on specific times and dates.

When a special event is coming up, El Toro Loco promoted its posts on Facebook and Instagram with pay-per-click ads. This helps the events become more visible to people who may not know about El Toro Loco, but are craving Mexican food.


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eltoroloco seo

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page SEO • Local SEO • Google My Business

Having appealing visual designs for the website and social media isn’t the only thing that affects visibility for a business on the internet. El Toro Loco’s text on the website are planned based on relevant keywords, which is on-page SEO.

We also make sure El Toro Loco is listed on popular platforms and apps such as Yelp, Google My Business, and more. Not only do we list the business, we are consistent with the listings – double checking the information to confirm the accuracy of the information. If there’s a discrepancy with the listings, that affects the ranking of the restaurant. 

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