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Reach the right people in the right neighborhoods.

Rather than spending on mailing lists to targeted demographics, target your neighbors instead. With Every Door Direct Mail® (or EDDM®), it is possible for you to market your business in homes. Usually, business owners use these mailers to promote a grand opening. Also, these are perfect for special coupons, or updates about their business. They are most often oversized so that they will be noticed instead of getting lost in all the mails. Additionally, EDDM® is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Each mailer can cost you as little as 28 cents!

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Market to those who matter most

Target the Right People

Rather than spending on mailing lists to targeted demographics, target your neighbors. Every Door Direct Mail® Full Service uses a carrier route system to mail to all the houses on a postal route, getting your message to the surrounding area.

Make Your Mailer

EDDM® Mailers are oversized postcards and are made to get noticed, making it harder to get lost in an envelope of coupons. Print Marketing is also more likely to be seen, making it a better solution compared to email marketing.

Save More, Gain More

The process of EDDM® service omits the need to buy an expensive postage permit for bulk mailings, giving you the freedom to mail as you need and not spend precious marketing funds on application fees and postage permits

Two Ways to Use EDDM®

Print Only or Full Service


(Print Only and Full Service)

Work with a design template or our design team to construct your ideal marketing piece. Our designs are focused on your target clients


(Print Only and Full Service)

Print on high quality 14 or 16-point UV coated card stock to show to your clients a clean presentation

Count and Bundle

(Full Service)

Counting and bundling every piece of your mailers is a part of our job, taking all of the prep work out of your hands.

Select Routes

(Full Service)

We select the routes for you to get the best areas and prepare the paperwork, removing all of the tedious logistical work.


(Full Service)

Have your marketing collateral delivered straight to the post office to be sent out for delivery to save you time

Target Customers

(Full Service)

Your mailers are now delivered to target clients, generating new customers and sales for your business


What you’re getting :


Quantity           Price/piece
1000                         58¢
2500                         39¢
5000                         31¢
10000                       29¢
20000                       28¢


Quantity          Price/Piece
1000                        52¢
2500                        38¢
5000                        33¢
10000                      32¢
20000                      30¢


Quantity            Price/Piece
1000                          62¢
2500                          49¢
5000                          38¢
10000                        34¢
20000                        33¢


Quantity           Price/Piece
1000                         65¢
2500                         51¢
5000                         39¢
10000                       35¢
20000                       34¢
What is EDDM®?

EDDM® is a United States Postal Service® (USPS®) program that is used mainly by local and small businesses. This process includes a mapping tool to set up a mailing radius within a target ZIP code. Sending out an EDDM® postcard is cost-effective as it will cost you as little as 28 cents per piece!

What are my EDDM® Printing Options?
Our EDDM® postcards are customizable to suit your need and your business. Sizes for our postcards range from 4.25” x 11” to 11” x 17” with options in between. We also offer different types of paper stock, all with a glossy premium finish. Best of all, turnaround can be as fast as 2-4 days. To place an order, click here to customize your EDDM® order on our products page!
Why use EDDM®?

Every Door Direct Mail® is the best solution for any business or a company that serves a local community. Business owners can benefit from this by establishing new clients and generate genuine interest in your service or product. EDDM® is great for, but is not limited to:


  • Realtors
  • Pizza Deliveries
  • Churches
  • Groomers
  • Restaurants
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Dentists
  • Boutiques
  • Auto Service
  • Fitness Centers
  • Daycares
  • Political Campaigns
  • And so much more!

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