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Why Do You Need Video Animation?
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A lot of small and local business owners do not have the time or resources to create video animations. However, it is an integral part of marketing as it keeps up with the current digital culture. It keeps the online community engaged with your business since it is different than text and images. Additionally, video animations points the spotlight at your business because it helps you stand out from the competition.

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Types of Video Animation

Our business friendly animations are the way to go for all your corporate video needs. This type of video is perfect for all big meetings to introduce new projects or ideas. Furthermore, you can pass it onto a client to show them a brief summary of your company’s services and how they work. With our business friendly animations, we can help to solidify your company’s branding with high quality and professional videos that are sure to impress your colleagues and your competition.


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The Modern type of video animation is as versatile as you can get. Modern videos are perfect for almost any sort of setting. They make for great social media content, both as a post on your pages or even as a Facebook banner. With an updated animation style and new character models, we can create any type of animation you could need! If you need a video for any digital or social platform, give our modern videos a try!



With our whiteboard videos, your videos will have a nice casual touch to it. Whiteboard videos may not features the stunning visuals or smooth animation that our other video animation options may have. However, its simple charm is what makes whiteboard animation so special. If you are looking to take a more wholesome, relatable approach to your video marketing, give our whiteboard videos a try! In this case, less is definitely more.


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With the use of infographic animations, you can easily compile all your hard work and research. Infographics are best when used to persuade others with significant facts and give a more visual representation to startling statistics and percentages. If you are a company dedicated to high growth or high numbers in your results, why not give our infographic animation a try? We are sure that you, and your future clients, will appreciate you for it.


Video Animation Portfolio

Below are some samples of video animations Restaurant Marketing Services have created. We have experience in creating videos in different industries. If you would like to view a full library of our videos, click the button below!

Video Animation Features


We offer different kind of looks for your video animation: business friendly, whiteboard animation, infographics, and modern. Depending on your business’ goals, we implement the appropriate style to your video. If your business is data-driven, it is best to go for infographics-themed video. If you are looking to relate more to the newer generations, modern-style is the way to go.



We can customize characters in the video depending on the environment and audience. We also have the capability to incorporate real-life collateral from your business. For instance, if you would like to feature a product, we can place an image of your product directly on the video that characters can interact with.


While you have the option of adding subtitles to the video, it is also beneficial to take advantage of voice-over. This allows users to interact with the video in more ways than one. If their eyes are occupied with something else, they can still listen to information about your business. Plus, most videos have voice-overs anyway!

Background Music

We have a library full of background music to add as a supplement for your video to keep your audience’s senses awake. This will enhance the experience of watching as your business comes to life on video. Additionally, background music is great for setting the mood of the scene. Whether your video has a serious undertone, or happy vibes, we have music that fits your theme.

Production Schedule: Here’s How it Works!

Normally, Our turnaround time is about one month from script to finish. The schedule is below, and the days are based on work days. We can expedite the schedule. However, the tighter the deadline, the fewer notes or changes can be made.


Day 01 - Initial Script Writing

We collect an initial script, references, or inspirations from you.

Day 03 - Conceptualization

Our team holds a meeting to discuss the concept and script of your video.

Day 05 - Style Board

We begin to sketch out initial storyboards before getting to the computer.

Day 08 - Full Storyboard

A complete storyboard is reviewed and prepped for making the animation.


Day 10 - Finalized Script

The script is fully hashed out and ready to be a part of the video animation.


Day 15 - Animation

Your video becomes alive as the animation process has begun!

Day 19 - Voice-Over

A voice-over is recorded and integrated into the video.


Day 23 - Delivery

Congratulations! The end product is finalized and is ready for delivery.

Video Animation Request Form

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How involved will I be in the process?
You can be as involved as you want. Initially, we ask that clients provide a general concept or focus they would like from the video. However, the later the suggestions are brought up, the harder it will be to incorporate. So, it is best if you had a solid idea of what you are looking to achieve early in the process. After we have sent out the script for voice-over, you will not be able to make any more changes.
Where will I be able to post the video animations?
You can upload the video anywhere you want: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more! You will have full commercial rights to post the video anywhere on the internet. This also includes embedding it on your website or simply sharing it as a post. The easiest and best part about having a video done for your business is sharing it!
How does the graphic design process work?

No, it does not. Our team are experts in a variety of industries, so we know exactly how to construct the video to fit your business’ niche. Some industries we provide services for are:

  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Salon and Spas
  • Trade Shows
  • And More!
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