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Pay Per Click Ads

Limit your ad spend and only pay for results.
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Why Do You Need Pay-Per-Click Ads?
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Pay Per Click Ads (commonly known as PPC) is simple: you pay for every click you generate with your online advertisement. Regardless of your ad showing up on someone’s screen, you will not pay a cent unless they click on your ad. Business owners opt for PPC campaigns for several reasons: it is fast, nimble, and budget-friendly. You can get results from your ad within minutes of putting it up. You can also change your campaigns whenever you feel the need to. And lastly, it can save you big money on advertising.

Pay Per Click Ads Features

Guaranteed Results

Since Pay-Per-Click ads only charge you when people take action, you are getting results without sacrificing money. The money you spent on the advertisement is worth it since each cent goes towards something you wanted people to do.

Higher Conversion Rates

The only people who will click on your advertisement are people who are interested in your business. When you narrow down your audience, they are more likely to engage with your product or service. Therefore, converting the clicks into actual customers. You do not have to spend money on people who are not seeking your business.


Advertising your business can get costly. With PPC ads, you can save more, but gain better results. You are not spending a single penny to have your advertisement placed on someone’s search who is not looking for your business. Your money is only spent when someone clicks on your advertisement.


What makes Pay Per Click different from other ads?
The emphasis on PPC campaigns is that you only pay for the number of clicks. This means, your business can still hold a wider threshold of exposure, but not necessarily spending more money. Your advertisement can still show up on someone’s screen that is not really looking for your business. However, you do not have to pay for it unless they click on it. There is still a chance that they will read your advertisement, thus leading to more exposure without spending more.
In what cases should I choose PPC over other forms of online ads?
People choose Pay Per Click campaigns for several reasons. The most common reason is that they have a specific budget to work with, and want the most out of their money. If you can gauge the popularity of your ad and are willing to spend money on a few clicks, but higher conversions, then PPC is the right option for you.
Do Pay Per Click Ads have the same capabilities as other kinds of online ads?
Yes. You have several options that other forms of online ads do, such as having a max daily budget spend, scheduling your ad to only show up at certain times, changing ad dates, updating your target audience and more.
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