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Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

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About more than 3 billion people use the internet. Which means, there are as much as 3 billion possible customers for your business. You can find the right people who are more likely to look for your business, but you need to find a way to contact them. The most professional and simple way to do so is through email. However, the very first step to emailing possible customers is to get their contact information. With lead generation, you can gather emails of potential customers who may be interested in your business.

Lead Generation Features

Contact List

Lead generation revolves around grabbing people’s contact information. More importantly, getting their email addresses. Through our techniques of generating leads, you can do a lot with an email contact list. Building a contact list presents you with new prospects to market your business to.


Our techniques of generating leads is not random. We base off grabbing emails by proximity to your business and industry. For tax and accountant businesses, we generate leads of people who work in the industry. We also setup a person webpage for your business that people have the option to give their email address to you for more information. Therefore, the leads we generate for you are meaningful.


Getting contact information of prospects does not have to be costly. We are transparent with the contact lists we provide you. Additionally, we want to give you a list with value and quality, rather than a large email list that is not targeted. The money you invested for contacts will be nothing compared to the return you get once you market to your new email list.


Email lists will last for a lifetime. It is not meant to be used once. With email lists, you have the ability to market to them as many times as you want. As long as people do not unsubscribe to your emails, you can send them information about your business. However, be careful not to send them too many emails. Otherwise, people will flag it as spam, will be more likely to opt out, or ignore your email.


Email marketing makes it easy to convert your contacts to customers. Since email marketing is, for the most part, automated, the point is to make it easy for prospects to see what they are supposed to do next. As long as you make your emails simple to your leads, you will be able to see higher conversions.

Reputation and Credibility

Legitimacy and credibility of companies are hard to prove, especially if you are just starting out. With prospect leads, you can take the opportunity to build an organic relationship without sounding too automated. Emails help maintain business with your leads and therefore, generating credibility of your service or product.

What is your process of generating leads?
We generate leads through several, ethical ways. We use software to gather leads that is within a certain geographic area and industry. Another way is through creating a special web page that people get basic information about your business, and have an option to enter their contact information to sign up for newsletters and offers.
What do I do with all these leads?
When you gather leads, you most often get their name, email addresses, and in some cases, phone numbers. The next best step is to set up an email marketing campaign. You can learn more about it in our Email Marketing page.
How do I know when I have enough leads?
Business owners are satisfied with as little as 50 leads to as large as 50,000 leads. Depending on how big your business is, you can estimate how many leads you want. If you are a small business and can handle a few clients at a time, then you might be fine with as little as fifty leads. As long as you maintain your relationship with these leads, then your business can see growth.
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