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Why Do You Need Google Ads?

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On average, Google processes 40,000 searches every second. This means that Google is widely used every single day, around the world. For business owners, they take advantage of this platform to advertise their product or service. The audience is already there waiting to find a business like yours, so you just have to help them find you. With Google AdWords, you can reach as much as 40,000 people per second! For small businesses, nothing can get you any faster results than this useful tool.

Google Ads Features



A good strategy always has a clear, singular goal so that the marketing is not all over the place. Choose a specific goal for your Google AdWords in order to gauge the results you are looking for. This includes pushing traffic to your website, or having people redeem an online offer.

Targeted Demographics

Specify your niche through targeted demographics. If you are a local brick-and-mortar business, it is better to narrow your audience to surrounding areas. This prevents your ad from getting lost in places it shouldn’t be. It also helps you find the right people looking for your business.

Budget & Scheduling

Business owners should never be pressured to spend more than what they can afford. With Google AdWords, you can customize an advertisement based on your daily budget. Scheduling can be carefully curated to show your ad only during specific times of the day – which can save you money and optimize your campaign!


Keep your advertisement within relevant searches through keywords. Think about what your potential customers are searching for when they are trying to look for a business like yours. This way, people who see your ad are more likely to act on it.

Ad Monitoring

Want to see how your ads are doing? Google AdWords returns analytics about your ads in real-time so that you can see if you need to make improvements. This is a much more efficient type of marketing because you can see if your ad is successful or not.


Campaign History

Had a good experience with Google AdWords? You can always look back at your old campaign information and base off your future ads on it! Everything is archived for you, and you could even run the same exact ad campaign in the future if you want to!


What do I need to make an ad?
All you need as a business owner is an idea and a goal. If you know what you are advertising and why, we can take it from there. We will customize your Google Ad so that it can best suit your needs. This includes word choices, display networks, and even an image to go along with it if necessary!
Can I make changes to my ad even after the campaign started?
Yes! The best part about Google Ads is that you can make changes to it even after you have started running the campaign. Budget, schedule, and information are some aspects that can be changed in minutes. This is the main reason why analytics for your ads exist. It is so that you can modify your ads in real-time.
Can I end my campaign early?
Of course. If you find that you want to end your Google Ad earlier than expected, it is possible. People do this for several reasons. Usually, business owners gather enough online interest to end their advertisement. Otherwise, they would have too many to handle! Your next goal now is to convert these people to customers. Good luck!
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