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Why Do You Need Email Marketing?
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About 86% of professionals would rather use email for business purposes. Almost every body checks their email at least once a day. With this information, business owners take advantage of email marketing. They utilize it to build relationships with leads, customers, and prospects. A single email can contain a lot of information for businesses to share. They usually contain updates, reminders, and even special offers for recipients to take advantage of. Therefore, email marketing is a powerful tool that can provide your business more customers by simply sharing information.

Email Marketing Features

Email Templates

Our team carefully designs email templates to fit your business’ brand and goal. Each business caters to different industries and therefore, must visually represent who they are. We design each email with care and details so that it matches your business, and keep the recipients reading.

Responsive Design

To gauge better results, a call-to-action must be included in an email. Responsive design allows people to easily take next steps without much thinking. You can lead people to do certain things with buttons: call your business number, visit your website, or send a reply to your email. Moreover, the easier it is to perform what is next, the more likely your leads will take action.

Contact List

Who do you send your emails to? If you have already collected emails of your past customer and generated an email list, then you are already a step ahead. Keep your current customers by making them feel valued through meaningful emails with coupons or reminders. However, if you have not built an email list yet, we can generate one for you that targets your niche.


Notification Setup

In order for email marketing to work, you have to know when people act upon it. If you were sent a reply but never respond to it, then you are leaving money on the table. In order to avoid that kind of situation, we set up notifications for you so that you know exactly when someone is trying to contact you about your email. Now it is your turn to take action and convert the lead into a customer.


Sequences and Follow Ups

One email about your business is just the first step to succeeding in email marketing. We provide a number of emails for a single campaign to stay consistent. Therefore, people will be constantly reminded that your business exists and that they can take advantage of your offers.

Final Report

Get a final report reviewing results of your email marketing campaign. This includes how many people received the email, how many opened it, and how many took action. With this information, you can modify your next email marketing campaign to get even better results.


How can I get emails of people who might be interested in my business?
There are several ways to get emails. If you have a brick-and-mortar business that requires getting some information from customers, consider asking for their email as part of the checkout process. Otherwise, we can gather leads for you through our softwares. The leads that we gather for you are specifically within your niche and area to gauge better results.
I got several responses from people who want to know more! What do I do next?
The next step is up to you! The answer depends on the situation. Depending on the preference of the prospect, you can either reply to their email personally, or call them directly. This is one way to convert your leads to a customer.
Can people unsubscribe to my emails?
Yes. It is always required by law to give recipients an option to unsubscribe to your emails. Additionally, you also have to do it within 10 days. Our emails should include a link that automatically opts people out of emails, but sometimes there are people who manually reply with “please remove me from your email list.” In this case, we would do it manually.
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